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Yangzhou Best Foundry Co.ltd is founded in 1985. During the developing of more than twenty years, we improved our equipment and technic and our core business is: casting, heat treatment, machining and import & export business. Now our overseas mainly market is Europe, USA, Japan, and South Africa. 
Our plant area is over than 36000 M², including casting and machining workroom of 18000 M². At present, our factory have 128 employees, including 8 technician. The annual production capacity is 10000 tons.


Yangzhou Best Foundry Co.,LTD
Yangzhou Best Foundry Co.,LTD

Casting including grey iron casting, ductile iron casting and alloy iron casting. Our gray iron castings can be up to 20 tons, ductile iron and alloy cast iron can be up to 15 tons. Products cover machine tool components, cement machinery parts, port machinery parts, mining machinery parts, machinery marine accessories, coal mill parts, engineering machinery parts, paper making parts, generator parts and so on.
Our company's principle is "honesty, innovation, development, and mutual benefit", and we warmly welcome perspective buyers to contact us or visit our factory. 

Address: Pangu Industrial Park, Liuji Town, Yizheng City

Fax: 0514-83838010


Yangzhou Best Foundry Co.,LTD

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